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Sunday, January 24, 2010

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Emo hair cuts for guys
The guy comes with medium-length emo hair that has a fringe covering his right eye

Two tone emo - fashon emo hairstyle for men

Emo hair cuts for guys
Coloring the hair two tones like this is simple. Part the hair vertically: front & back. Apply black on the front & blonde on the back. For best result, when you are applying color to one part, cover another part of hair by using plastic (or wrap) .

Emo hair cuts for guys
classy emo hairstyle

Emo hair cuts for guys

The fusion of classic & modern fashion to form classy emo hairstyle Long fringe (bangs) curly brushed to left side of the face, dyed black, some pomade, shiny, straightened hair, & business fashioned.


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