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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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If you feel like changing your style, choose from the 6 most fashionable hairstyles of this season 2012.

Disorderly BOB
Dianna Agron showed that one can wear bob in different ways. Bob should be disorderly and tousled this winter 2012. Best for curly hair.

Rock hairstyle
Short haircuts are still popular this season. Evan Rachel Wood suggests making rock hairstyle. It goes very well with any type of hair.

Retro hairstyle.
Short retro hairstyles goes very well with refind features. Looks good with asymmetrical bang. Ashley Greene teaches how to wear retro hairstyle.

Asymmetrical bang and straight locks are perfect for thick hair. Jennifer Love Hewitt likes this hairstyle.

Multi layer
Multi layer hairstyle (like Heidi Klum wears )makes hair look thick.

Classical hairstyle.
Long, well-groomed, healthy hair is always in fashion. Katie Holmes wears classical hairstyle.


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