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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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The day of First party is a truly magical day for our children . main character become the center and focus of the event . On this special day we should take care of all the details, but do not forget that our daughters still girls, and that is a religious ceremony , which , hairstyle or headdresses must be consistent with this.

For girls with straight hair, a hairstyle ringlets be ideal, but if instead , your daughter has hair with some wave or curl, you definitely enjoy a long straight hair look .

For this hairstyle , the first thing to do is try and straighten the hair. With a natural wood brush and bristles ( to avoid damaging the hair), smooth each wisp . If use a serum , protect hair and plus give an extra shine .

With her ​​hair and smoothed , begin to make the braid from the front, remove all the hair from the temples. When we have the two strands of the two sides , the entwine in the back of the neck . The effect is a beautiful low corona.

Once finished, we should not forget to use a little hairspray , especially for fine hair. Will the final touch, it will hold the hairstyle, and make to stay impeccable all day .

This hairstyle is ideal for long hair with lake ripple. The effect is very romantic and a child once. To completely remove the hair from her face , have noted the features of our daughter, and leave your face clean and perfect for the photo shoot .

With this hairstyle really do not need adding any headdress or flower in her hair . We will highlight your smile, and weight remains combed back , his beautiful hair loose .
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